I started my hairdressing career where I grew up in West Dunbartonshire and attended college in Glasgow before moving home, city and job.

Securing a position for over 10 years as a senior hairstylist in Stirling. I became self employed in February 2010 and freelanced around the Stirling area and also Scotland attending to many brides and their guests at their chosen venue.

Driving hundreds of miles per week, carrying my kit around, and spending too much of my life and time in the car became unmotivating and lonely for me, and the piles of banana skins I had to clear out of my door pocket…well… too many to mention!

I was also unsettled in my personal life at this time and was supported unconditionally by my friends and the wonderful people in my life, which included my clients .

Their strength encouraged me and I decided to begin researching what else I could add to my business and offer my clients…then…

Champissage found me!

Discovering The Hair Boutique in Winter 2014 and meeting with salon owner Karlyn Malone i was given the opportunity to take my business into a salon where most of my clients were happy to follow, some preferred their home still at that time and so up until Summer 2015 I continued to do a little freelance including wedding hairstyling and also two days at the salon, building a bigger client base within the salon I was in time in more demand and the remainder of my clients whom I styled at home came to the salon too, i had started to practice indian head massage on my days off on my friends and was aiming to start to practice in salon building up hours and my experience prior to starting my case studies and then onto my exam, then it happened!

So it is my day off and my head is full of lists and to do’s, so far I have ONLY done the food shopping, walked the dog twice, other stuff and bought my cinema ticket for the Minions movie later. BAAAAANAAAAANAAAS ! there’s those bananas again!

I was rock climbing indoors, on my own as it was an auto belay climbing system…cut a short story shorter – I came off the wall which was approximately 30ft high, I landed on my back, I fractured right through my T11 and T12 vertebrae and also compressed them, damaged for life however the fractures healed within 3 months as did my ankle which had surgery on it and two screws drilled in ! proper screws too, like the ones you get in B&Q – looked awesome in the x-rays !

Yes indeed I was a very fortunate girl, my gratitude for my life is truly unmeasurable.

I spent several weeks in hospital and had many hours in those weeks to think and rethink just how I would change my pace of life and the reality was it was more about my attitude towards that pace of life.

I believe today I was enforced to stop, to take time for myself, to further realise that in doing for others how rewarding that is.

To have a positive attitude, to experience and grow and share, and that has contributed to my passion for Indian Head Massage.

My mission is for you to experience Champissage, an advanced form of Indian Head massage which includes massage of the face, the temporo-mandibular joints,the ears and energy balancing

Indian Champissage benefits you on a mental, physical, spiritual and emotional level and I believe it is the therapy of the future, we are catching on to what the East has practiced for thousands of years, to encourage the body’s natural healing abilities.

Forever grateful

Angela x